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I love the smell of diesel in the morning.

And having a new coffee cup for every cup of coffee.

And being on the Northern Line.

And filling every single minute of every day with activity.

And all of us eating meals at different times.

And watching TV in different rooms.

And homework.

And popping to the supermarket to top up.

And exercising once a week.

And buying a drink in a jam-packed pub.

And flying to another capital city for a 1 hour meeting.

And missing lunch.

And sitting in traffic jams.

And writing a blog once a fortnight if I can squeeze it in.

And never finishing a book.

And brands telling me their purpose.

And advertising showing me the response to have.

And marketing professors lecturing me on the Recession Playbook.

And dreaming of going on holiday to New Zealand.

And thinking life is a race.

And time can be saved.

And data is proof.

And risk can be eliminated.

And empathy is sympathy.

And happiness is a goal.

And nothing ever changes.

Until it does.

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