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Why do people choose the brands they do?

You can look at how they behave. The intention, the journey, the decision, the experience, the attitudes.


You can focus on the evidence. Take measurements, find patterns, make laws. 


You can ask them why they do what they do. That’ll get

you to their more conscious drivers, as long as they say

what they think.

Or you can go deeper.


You can accept we all have our deeper needs too. To be free or in control. With like-minded people or smarter than them. A sense of bonding or independence. Comforted or empowered.


What would we do for you?


We'll build a Need Map of your category using qualitative research, particularly ethnographic and projective, and work out where your brand is on this and where it could be.


Then we dig even deeper to discover the NEED insight, one with a genuine tension to be resolved.

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NEED insight


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