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moments of CLOSENESS


Imagine the people your brand targets as circles floating in space.


On the outside is what they do. On the inside, the circle within the circle, is why they do it. 


Now imagine your brand is nearby. Think of it again as a circle within a circle. On the outside, how it stands out.

On the inside, what it stands for. 


This is what you want to happen. Attention gets drawn to the outside. A connection is made with the inside. 


And there’s a fit. A moment of closeness. But long enough for people to make their choice.


So what your brand needs is more moments like this with more people.


How can we help?


First, with INSIGHT through qualitative research into what drives people’s brand choices, particularly their deeper needs and the tensions in these you could exploit. 


Second, by working with you to build a compelling POSITIONING on that insight that gets your brand noticed, remembered and chosen.

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