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Why YOU?

It could be because you’re the only brand they remember. From yesteryear or yesterday, when all our troubles seemed so far away.

It could be because you’re the brand they generally buy. And that experience has generally done the job to be done.

It could be because you’re the brand they see first in-store or online. You’re available, physically. Right in front of their nose.

Or you’re the brand that pops into their mind first. You’re available, mentally. There they are, ping, there you are.

And you could stop there, you’d have the evidence.

Or you could go further. Into the deep end.

Because it could also be because of the associations they make with your brand.

Best of all is when they see you, they have a certain feeling. The feeling you want them to feel.

Probably not even consciously. But because you understand something about their deeper needs. You have some insight.

And if they feel this, they’ll think that. Maybe that’s when they find a justification for how they feel, somewhere in the copy.

And maybe over time they build up a sense of your values. Big or small. Serious or not. What you stand for.

And then they realise that all those things about you that make you stand out, those distinctive assets, they weren’t just plucked out of thin air. They mean something, even if some see them as meaningless.

And one way or another, through the twists and turns of shopping for anything, but in what often comes down to a blink of the eye, they do it. They choose you. Once again or for the very first time.

So they pay the price and get what they want. Hopefully.

Then maybe at some point in the future they read in the media your company has done something they didn’t expect of you.

Something that actually loses you money. Something for the good of humanity.

Something like providing 100,000 free seats for Ukrainian refugees on short-haul flights from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania during March.

And they really remember you.

W!ZZ Air.


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