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What’s in a TITLE?

When I started Closer to Brands, I gave myself the title of ‘Director’.

I mean, it was true. It was a limited company and I was a director. The only one.

After a while, I felt like a promotion, so I became ‘Managing Director’. I was surprised and honoured.

But who exactly was I managing?

Not the strategists and researchers I brought in to work with me.

Not the agencies in other countries I teamed up with.

Definitely not my creative partner, Jeffrey Steventon, who does the images for this blog. He’s like me, hates having a boss.

So I've been thinking it’s time for a change.

I could go for ‘Founder’. That’s popular at the moment. But it's a bit too George Washington.

Can’t have anything with the word 'Chief’ in it. Not when there aren't any indians.

And I’ve never been sure about ‘Director’. Not since I joined the board of an agency, only to find that took the number of directors to 50.

What about a title that grows out of the brand? As long as it doesn’t sound like it was thought up by a child.

So what does Closer to Brands stand for?

A belief that brands have to make an emotional connection.

And how does Closer to Brands stand out?

Surface and deeper needs.

Circles within circles.

The letter O.

Got it.



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