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ROUND and ROUND we go

There’s nothing wrong with positioning a brand around having a laugh.

Or a social purpose.

Or offering the best service in town.

Or being the best-known name, trusted for generations.

Or being quick, convenient and easy to use.

Or the choice of experts.

Or for those demanding superior performance.

Or people wanting to get rid of hassle in their lives.

Let’s go round the Need Map again.

Or feeling carefree.

Or with like-minded people.

Or cared about.

Or in safe hands.

Or on top of things.

Or in the know.

Or a cut above.

Or empowered.

And round again?

Free to express yourself.

Part of the culture.

Loved by another.

A sense of sanctuary.

In control of your anxieties.

A person of significance.

Having agency over your life.

Reaching a state of transcendence.

Starting to feel dizzy now.

Anyway, more than just mental availability, that’s what I’m trying to say.


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