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Category ENTRY, brand EXIT

I suppose there is always a point of category entry.


A situation in which you’re about to buy or use a particular product.


Defined by a wad of W’s - when, where, with whom, with what, why.


And now officially designated as a Category Entry Point (or CEP).


But to what extent do these CEPs determine the brand you’re going to leave with, via the Brand Exit Point (or BEP)?


Let’s take chocolate as an example because I want some.


So it could be morning, noon or night. You could be on your own or with others, in or out of home. It could be between meals or after one.


Yes but what do you want?


A snack to keep you going through the morning? Or tide you over until bedtime?


Something to share with colleagues at work or the family at home?


A gift to rock up with at a friend’s house?


A stand-in for a meal?


A treat because you deserve a pat on the back?


A nibble to keep your mind on a task or take your mind off it?


A bar you can tell yourself is a bit healthier?


It’s always easier to start with more functional CEPs. But you can’t keep those pesky emotions out of it, especially with chocolate.


The problem is the cult of CEPs is driven by measurement and it’s harder to measure emotional needs.


They’re always there, though, and they’re always at play.


Do you want to feel energized after eating chocolate?


Sophisticated turning up with that box?


Knowledgeable about the brand’s origins?


Disciplined about what you’re allowing yourself?


Able to unwind in comfort?


Connected to loved ones?


Generous and hospitable?


Or simply not have a care in the world?


The one thing you have to accept is chocolate is an indulgence. It’s a want more than a need.


But what brand are you going to choose in the end, on that occasion?


The Mental Availability argument is the one that most readily comes to mind.


The Emotional Connection argument is the one you feel will best meet your deeper need.


It’s the same thing.


Anyway, last week we pulled into Reading services on the way to a university open day and we fancied some chocolate with a coffee. I wanted a Tony’s Chocolonely bar. I think I know why.


My wife asked for a Marathon. Not a Snickers, a Marathon.


What’s going on there then?


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