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You again. What did you do this time? Yeah, yeah, no one’s guilty in here, especially over Christmas.

Look, it’s going to be tough. Second time’s hard, third time harder. Same for marketeers as everyone.

But here’s what you’ve got to do:

Keep your head down. Assume it’ll be three months. That’s ninety days.

Watch those graphs. Wait for them to turn.

Ignore the trendsters. They were all wrong by Jan 4th.

Stear clear of the Twitter nuts as well. They kick off over nothing, jabbing away at their keyboards.

Listen to the Trads - Trott, Tannenbaum, Hoffman. And Ritson, especially Ritson. They’re know their stuff and boy, do they love to talk.

Read anything you can find by Bernbach. It’s still true, all of it.

Friday 8 am there’s a place you should go. The Places We’ll Go Show. Mark Evans and Ritchie Mehta have people confessing to all manner of things.

Catch that new film ‘Capitol Has Fallen’, on CNN.

Get out in the yard any chance you can. Count those steps. Keep your average up.

But don’t be too close to people. They don’t like it. Makes them nervous.

Stick to your guns in your work. Now is no time to go shaky on your beliefs. No one wants a wobbly brand.

Get good at waiting. Most of the time, that’ll be all there is to do.

And if anyone sidles up to you with a needle, stick it in your arm.


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