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A NEVER-changing world

Everyone sometimes has a need for reassurance, a sense of continuity.

Then again, we all have our families. So we know the feeling of loss when someone departs.

And we yearn to be part of something bigger than ourselves, part of history even.

Or we want to be free of all that, to run to the banks of the Dee or wherever.

There are times you have to push on, to see what you can achieve if you just keep on going.

And that might mean sticking to your guns, going your own way.

Which may make you feel apart from others. Richer or poorer.

Or better informed. Knowing all your kings and queens.

But in control, sticking to protocol, however arcane.

And occasionally capable of wisdom. Looking at all the pictures and seeing one unfolding story.

That people are different in the same ways.

They may be different in different situations, at different ages and stages.

But underneath it’s the same ancient pattern of needs, the same interwoven fabric of human development.

So when something seismic happens, the choices we make vary.

One person’s solemn bow in Westminster Hall is another’s Monday off work.

One person’s monarchist tear is another’s republican cheer.

But everyone finds their place on the map, somewhere they feel at home.

And at its centre, the part that defines the need world we’re in, is the one thing we’re all looking for.

A promise made and kept.

A resolution of tension.

And to rest in peace.


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