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The MEANING of brands

What does the word ‘brand’ mean to you?

A. A name or symbol?

B: A type of product made by a particular company?

C: A person’s perception of that product?

D: The framing effect on that perception?

E: The sum total of all your experiences of something

F: The meaningless distinctive assets attached in people’s memory?

G: The meaningful differences that spring to mind over your competition?

H: Your meaning in people’s lives

I: A shared cultural currency we use to signal things?

J: The increase in perceived value and willingness to pay a premium price?

K: An identifying mark on livestock?

L: A particular type of something or way of doing it?

M: The story you tell?

N: A manifesto?

O: A cry from the heart?

P: A whisper in the dark?

Q: A safe port in a storm?

R: A tree falling in a forest that someone hears?

S: A butterfly flapping its wings?

T: A mental shortcut to make fast decisions?

U: A moment of closeness?

V: A promise to do something for people?

W: The basis for trust?

X: A way for people to meet their deeper needs?

Y: Your why?

Z: All of the above and more?

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