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You know, I can’t actually remember a whole lot about yesterday.

Sat in front of the Mac. Took the dog for a walk. Played tennis for the first time in 100 days. Had pasta for lunch.

Same day last week? No, it’s gone.

Probably had pasta.

Normally my recall is pretty good. Like on a quiz night, although I’m a bit quizzed out at the moment.

Only non-rectangular flag? Nepal.

Lyrics of songs too. I got “Heroes” word for word on Sunday night, watching Bowie at Glastonbury from 2000.

I, I can remember

Standing, by the wall

And the guns shot over our heads

And we kissed, as though nothing could fall

Not bad with band names either, although it once took a friend and me a whole evening to retrieve Credence Clearwater Revival.

And brands, as you’d expect, especially their ads.

This could be your lucky day. Holsten Pils.

Not as good at logos as Jeffrey, the designer of my blog images over the last 100 posts.

100 posts.

Loads of them I’ve forgotten about, although they come back to me if I re-read them. The thrill of having an idea or nailing a particular thought.

The debates around them too. Having your core beliefs sorely shaken. There’s been a lot of that over the last four years. Particularly by those damn Evidencers.

But the tree’s still standing:

1. Brands have to make an emotional connection.

2. Brand choices are driven by people's deeper needs.

3. All brands need a positioning.

4. Insights need tension.

5. Be noticed, be remembered.

Because what are brands in the end, if not memories?

And what do you remember, if not how you felt?

I’ll see if I can rustle up another hundred posts on the subject.

Hang on.

Divided we stand.

Increasing polarisation, lack of empathy, dominant need in marketing and ad people is individuality, how to put yourself in your consumer’s shoes if you don’t want to be there, moving closer the job to be done?

Always write them down.

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