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The Freedom HANGOVER

What are you desperate to do when you’re released back into the wild?

Sit down for a picnic in the park?

Savour a cold pint in a sunny beer garden?

Try on clothes in a changing room?

Have a coffee made by somebody else?

Get your hair colour done?

Or something a bit more essential?

See your mum?

Work out in a gym?

Go for that eye test?

Return to your open-plan office?

Send the kids back to school?

Careful, everyone.

The problem with Freedom is it’s in conflict with our need for Control.

So as lockdown is eased, the danger will be in switching off more rational thoughts about looking after our own safety and that of others.

Will it inevitably then be a case of waking up the next morning with a hangover, in more than one sense?

“What on earth was I doing, thinking it was suddenly OK to do that?”

The virus is still out there. It’s just waiting for some new suckers.

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