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It’s like emotion squared out there at the moment.

The fear, naturally. Everyone’s stopped saying it’s a bit like the flu.

The trust we’re putting in our leaders to work out an exit strategy.

The anger at joggers who confuse metres with feet.

The joy of watching that great dane doing lunges with his owner.

The disgust that prompted us all, apparently, to stock up on loo roll.

The surprise of discovering that WFH can have its upsides.

The sadness of hearing of people dying alone.

The anticipation of finally emerging back out into the light.

Robert Plutchik reckoned those to be the eight primary emotional responses, each with their own petal of variation.

Somewhere in there is a split. The old glass half-full or glass half-empty.

It’s tough being optimistic at the moment. Things are going to get worse. I know that.

I’ve tried, though, and I just can’t keep pessimism up. Things will eventually get better. I don’t know how but they will.

So I’m going to take my half-full glass and multiply it by itself.

But as I keep having to explain to my children, ½ x ½ = ¼.

Oh well, still some left.

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