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“We all want quiet…”

We do, don’t we? From time to time.

“We all want beauty…”

In all its forms. Like waves rolling in as the sun slides into the sea.

“We all need space…”

Space to work, room to breathe. I wrote that once as a proposition for Canary Wharf, in the days when no one wanted to work there.

Now it gets good.

“Unless we have it, we cannot reach that sense of quiet in which whispers of better things come to us gently.”

As they say of poetry, the right words in the right order.

And so true.

If your mind is always listening in the conscious world, you won’t hear your subconscious.

Those ideas that appear to appear out of nowhere.

So who was the genius who discovered this insight?

Octavia Hill.

The co-founder of the National Trust.

125 years ago.

Her words are the centrepiece of the Trust’s new campaign to celebrate their anniversary.

Well done to all involved for realising the answer had been in front of everyone for ever.

You need to scroll down to see the film.

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