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Remember, be REMEMBERED

Name the brand for these taglines:

1. Did somebody say …?

2. Keep life simples.

3. I’m lovin’ it.

4. Can your insurance do that?

5. Should have gone to …

6. … gives you wings.

7. Vorsprung durch technik.

8. Love it or hate it.

9. Because you’re worth it.

10. Every little helps.

Everyone 10 out of 10?

Let’s try another ten. All of these are from TV ads on over Christmas.

11. With love from …

12. We are family.

13. Made in the …

14. Life’s good.

15. Common sense to the rescue.

16. You do you.

17. We cross the T’s, dot the I’s and put you in the middle.

18. Amazing starts here.

19. The wonderful everyday.

20. Making everyday more comfortable.

Anyone got all 20?

Now let’s see how good you really are. These are also from ads that were on during the festive period (thanks to Jeremy Webb on Twitter for the collating).

21. Created with you.

22. We are open.

23. Experience amazing.

24. It all adds up to amazing.

25. Clever you.

26. Exciting times.

27. Bring on tomorrow.

28. Have more we-time.

29. It’s what we do.

30. A world away.

Anyone get any of those last 10?

Remember, be distinctive. Convey a benefit. But above all, be remembered.

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