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What’s your preferred way of ending letters, emails, texts or cards?

Are there times when the rules have to be followed, as long as you can remember your faithfully’s from your sincerely’s?

Odd, if you think about it, declaring your faith to an unknown person and your honesty to someone you do know.

And are there other times when it’s all about affection?


‘Lots of love’.

‘Love and kisses’.


How about when you want informality but without the love and kisses?

Has to be this.


The app Boomerang rated it the most likely sign-off to an email.

Or No. 2 on Boomerang’s list.


Which is OK if there’s a reason to thank someone, but confusing if there isn’t, unless it’s simply gratitude they made it through to the end of your missive.

Similar is the anticipation of continuing contact.

‘Speak to you later’.

‘Speak to you soon’.

‘Looking forward to speaking to you soon’.

They’re all fine, but you have to be a little careful not to switch sides.

‘Looking forward to hearing from you soon’.

Now there’s something passive-aggressive in the air, a touch of ‘you’d better write back or else’.

Of course, if you’re very, very busy, you need an efficiency option.




Like those people who type ‘Jun’ for June. The thing is J, U and N are all so close together on the keyboard. E is way over the other side.

Don’t forget the ultimate sign of business busyness.

‘Sent from my iPhone’.

At least it justifies brevity and typos. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. But it also says “I’ve been so busy since I got my new iPhone, I haven’t even had time to change the default”.

Or there’s the ultimate freedom.


Common practice now when continuing a conversation, when you can’t keep saying “Hi …Bye”.

Same with texting. After all, they know it’s you, your name came up on their screen.

A touch of humour, maybe.

‘I am, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant’.

‘Stay classy’.

Maybe not. Email kills irony stone dead.

And then there’s the gentle warning.

‘Take care’.

Because however good things may been going, you just know there’s trouble ahead.

It all comes down to perspectives and dimensions.

Optimism vs. pessimism.

Formality vs. informality.

Outward vs. inward.

Standing apart vs. fitting in.

In the middle, it’s the sign you want to send to the recipient. Your view of the road ahead.

I have to say I’ve always been a one-size-fits-all kind of closer, particularly around business.

It used to be that classic blend of feelings and intentions.

‘Kind regards’.

Then when I started Closer to Brands I changed.

‘All the best’.

Hoping for the best for you and, as a result, for me.

I still like it. I’ll give it another year.

So Happy Christmas, everyone.

All the best.

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