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UGLY as sin

You don’t see Status much on need maps anymore.

It’s still there, hidden among the Sophistication, Discernment, Superiority, Individuality and Independence.

But it’s rarely mentioned explicitly (if you can be explicit on an implicit map).

That’s because, frankly, it’s a bit ugly. Ironic for a need associated with showing off beautiful things. Maybe they’re camouflage.

The phrase I use most to describe Status is wanting to feel ‘a cut above the rest’. That has just enough of a hint of genuinely believing you’re better than others.

But it brings all sorts of tensions - greed, snobbery, envy, fear of failure and, above all, anxiety. Like multi-millionaires getting status anxiety when confronted with a proper billionaire.

Of course, there’s a kind of Status that is admirable, almost noble. The desire to achieve, improve your lot, provide a better life for your family.

But the unpleasantness comes when you start looking down your nose at people, your smug old nose.

The funny thing is, on a need map the social axis is the horizontal one, with Status over the assertive, standing-apart side.

It should be at the top. You’re above, they’re below, the lesser needs. The Connection, Generosity, Harmony, Nurturance and Bonding.

Except that’s the problem in the world. Self-interest ruling over the common good.

And any attempt at encouraging empathy means defying gravity.

Really, Status should be down at the bottom, feeling the heat.


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