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It’s all questions at the moment, isn’t it?

Should we self-isolate?

Do I have coronavirus?

Why is it not the coronavirus?

How frequent is a continuous cough?

Have we got enough food?

How the hell are we going to keep the kids occupied?

Did you hear the town of Vo in Italy tested all 3,000 residents and only 3% tested positive?

What will we do for money?

Are the government going to help?

How are businesses going to survive?

What should brands do?

Will everyone now focus on reassurance and togetherness?

How does that build differentiation?

What else will people need?

How fast is that need wheel spinning?

Why have I got a headache?

How do you get closer to people if you can’t get close to them?

How do you do needs research online?

How do you keep brand teams close to their customers?

Would Zoom or Skype work better?

Where else will clients need help?

Screen share shopalongs?

Create your own brand worlds?

So how many cases are there now?

How many will there be?

What if it never goes away?

Might a vaccine really be ready in the autumn?

When’s the news on?

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