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IMMORAL indignation

We all know who they are.

The politicians who proclaim they just want to #GetBrexitDone.

The BBC journalists who announce this is going to be the crucial day.

The presidents who accuse everyone else of spreading fake news.

The celebrities who say they want to be left alone by the press.

The companies that say they care about local communities but avoid paying their taxes.

The brands that state their purpose is to save the planet and sell a product in packaging that’s ruining it.

The agencies who say they embrace age diversity and describe old people as 45+.

The old people who say they support Extinction Rebellion as long as it doesn’t hold them up getting home from work.

The rich person with a private jet who tells us to fly less.

The people who decry narcissism but post selfies.

The shoppers who argue cheap labour is morally indefensible but love buying really cheap clothes.

The research respondents who say ‘we’ when they mean ‘all of you, but not me’.

The drivers who think everyone else on the road is a clown.

The parents who tell their children to put down their phones as they scroll through theirs.

Or the parents who tell their children you should always tell the truth.

It’s all of us, isn’t it?

Any time we fool ourselves we’re better than we really are.

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