September 28, 2017

Every brand makes a promise. A promise to do something for people. Functionally, emotionally, ideally both.


If it delivers on that promise, you have the basis for trust. If it doesn’t, you don’t. Simple.


So beyond that, why does a brand need a purpose?


Not long ago, the debate in marketing was about what the word actually meant. Plenty of people...

September 14, 2017

Customer-centricity is the kind of word that gives marketing a bad name.


Firstly, it’s seven syllables long. Not many of those in daily use. Irreversibility. Unconventionality. And this is harder to say. You almost have to take a run-up.


Secondly, it’s a horrible, horrible bit of jargon, designed to repel ‘normal’ people from any useful meaning.



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