June 22, 2016

Are you feeling the fear? Can you smell it? It’s everywhere. Remainers and Leavers, politicians on both sides, big and small business, countries inside and outside the EU. 


So where are you going to put your cross? In 24 hours we all have to decide. In about 48, we’ll know the outcome. Then we'll have to live with the...

June 9, 2016

Killer name, Byron Sharp, isn’t it? Passionate, self-destructive Romantic meets rapier wit that will cut you to shreds.


Ever since his book, How Brands Grow, came out in 2010, Sharp’s influence in marketing has been increasing. It’s now even prompting a debate on whether we’ll soon see the end of segmentation, targeting and positioning as we know it.


For those of you...

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October 1, 2020

September 17, 2020

September 3, 2020

July 16, 2020

July 2, 2020

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